The City of Manchester Residential Curbside Recycling Program

The City of Manchester now has a recycling program with Dependable Waste Services, Inc. Your waste collection charge, which is included with your monthly water bill, entitles you to participate in a program which allows you to place all of your recyclables at the curbside for pick up. No Sorting is necessary! About 60% of our solid waste is recyclable. This means that over half the trash can be recycled and doesn’t need to go into a landfill. This small effort keeps our waste collection costs down since the charge for putting waste into landfills is rising. Reducing the amount of trash we put into the ground greatly helps our environment and reduces the amount of raw resources we consume to manufacture many products.
Most household waste items are acceptable for recycling, such as glass, plastic, paper, cardboard, aluminum and other metal cans. We only need to rinse food residue from bottles, jars, and cans. Our recycler cannot accept paper plates, fast food boxes, pizza boxes, and such if the containers have been contaminated with food and grease residue.
Dependable Waste will provide a standard, 18 gallon recycle bin to all city of Manchester residential households wishing to participate. Residents may use their own container or a plastic trash bag along with your recycle bin for excess recyclables if necessary. Place the recyclables at the curbside so they can be picked up every Monday. Recyclables should be placed at the curb the night prior to your scheduled collection day.
Residents in the city wishing to participate in this recycling program may do so by contacting Dependable Waste Services at (877) 567-4033.