Recreation Department

The following is a list of activities offered by the recreation department, along with the fee for each event, what is furnished for this fee, approximate sign-up dates and playing days & dates. Exact sign-up dates will be posted when sign-ups start.

Rush Creek Reservoir Fishing Program
The reservoir will be open for fishing during the hours of 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM daily. Gated access into and out of the reservoir will be secured at 5:00 PM daily. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD INFORMATION.


Calendar of Events
The following is a list of activities offered by the recreation department, along with the fee for each event, what is furnished for this fee, approximate sign-up dates and playing days & dates. Exact sign-up dates will be posted when sign-ups start.

Signs up from 1st week in November until 1st week of December- Starts playing 1st week in January and runs until mid- February-Pee Wee (5-6) & (7-8) plays on Saturday mornings & all other ages (9-10 & 11-12) Plays mostly on weeknights-Cost is $20.00 for (5-6) and $30 for (7-8), (9-10) & (11-12) –The fee includes jersey and shorts.

Registration starts the month of February – starts playing 3rd week of March and runs to 1st week of June- Age groups are (7-8), (9-10), & (11-12)- All age groups play on Tuesday & Friday nights- Cost is $35 – The fee includes- pants, socks, jersey with name on back & hat with jersey number on side.

Ages are from 7-17- May be split in 2 or 3 age groups depending on number signed up- all other information is the same as baseball.

Ages 4-6- Girls & Boys- Registration starts mid-January and runs until 1st week of March. Games will be played on Saturday mornings. Cost is $20 – The Fee includes shirt &  hat.

Football (Tackle)
Ages 7u, 8u, 9u, 10u, and 11u play on Saturdays. Registration starts in July. Plays mid-August thru November. Cost is $20 registration fee & $30 for jersey (no charge for jersey if you have one from prior year) – Tackle players must buy their own pants with pads- They may use our shoulder pads & helmets or buy their own.

Cheerleading (Tackle)
Ages 7-11 – games are played on Saturday. Registration dates are the same as football – They must buy their uniform at a cost of $45, unless they have one from the previous year. Individual prices are Top – $25, skirt/bloomers $20. Pom-poms are optional but you must buy them at a cost of $15 if you want them.

Football (Flag)
Ages 5-6 – games are played on Thursdays. Registration starts 1st of August. Games start mid-September and go through late October. Fee is $25 – includes T-Shirt and shorts.

Cheerleading (Flag)
Ages 5-6 – all information is the same as Flag Football with the exception of an additional $15 for pom-poms if wanted.


Men’s Basketball
Teams are entered in October- Entry fee is based on number of teams- Normally around $480.00-Must have contracts on players -Playing days vary.

Adult Church Softball
Teams are entered in February- Entry fee is based on number of teams. (10 teams) $260.00 per team- start playing in May.

Youth co-ed church, Adult co-ed church, and Men’s church leagues -teams are entered in August -Entry fee based on number of teams – start playing 2nd week in September.



The following is a list of prohibited items and activity on or about City of Manchester parks, recreation facilities, sports fields, or any surrounding areas being property of the city:

(a)        No alcoholic beverages are allowed.
(b)        No littering.
(c)        No explosive substances, including, but not limited to, fireworks are allowed.
(d)       Pets are prohibited unless the activity is approved by the city manager.
(e)        Bicycles and skateboards are allowed in designated areas only.
(f)        No gambling.
(g)        No smoking allowed unless in parking lots or designated areas.
(h)        No player, official, spectator, or coach shall engage in verbal or physical abuse for any reason.
(i)         No fighting.
(j)         No profanity is allowed by players, coaches, or spectators.
(k)        Rules governing storm warnings and watches will be strictly adhered. All players, coaches and spectators shall leave the field immediately in event of an electrical storm.
(l)         In the event of severe weather, the decision will be made by the city employee present as to whether games are played. The decision by the city employee shall be final.
(m)       No admission or entry fees may be charged unless approved by city administration and the recreation department director. All proceeds from these type fees must be applied toward event cost, with complete accounting of all fees collected and presented to the recreation department.
(n)        No fees shall be charged for parking.
(o)        All tournaments must be pre-approved by the city recreation department.
(p)        During approved tournament events, league officers or designee shall be present at all times.
(q)        Tournaments must originate with organization.
(r)        All vendors associated with tournaments, training, or coaching events must be pre-approved.
(s)        City of Manchester recreation fields and facilities shall not be used for personal profit or sales.
(t)        No glass containers.
(u)        All games and activities that could damage the lawns are prohibited.
(v)        Hours of operation are October through February 8:00 A.M. – 6:30 P.M. and March through September 8:00 A.M. – 9:00 P.M.  No one is permitted in any park or recreation facility other than those times.

A violation of this section shall be punished as a misdemeanor in the same manner as are other ordinances of the city with a fine of not more than $1,000.00 and a maximum term in the city jail of not more than six months.